Zaharoff Signature Review

Zaharoff Signature Review

First and foremost, the shape of the bottle is a work of art. It would look awesome on any dressing or vanity table. It comes in two sizes, the 60ml, and 120ml. The perfume itself is a lavender liquid inside a clear flask. The cap is a color between gold and copper, and the Zaharoff logo is on both bottle and cap.

Zaharoff Signature – Notes and Accords

On first smell, this perfume has a Fougere 80s and 90s scent; for an introduction, it’s a spicy powerhouse. Moving on, (no it does not just stay on the Fougere note), we smell a kind of an oriental and modern scent, which will definitely leave you wanting more.

If you love oud, this signature scent might be for you. The mixture of spicy traditional and intoxicating modern is a very welcome addition to anyone’s collection of perfume. This scent shares an array of notes like lavender, allspice, oud, ginger, and sandalwood.

The top accord is naturally lavender (which we adore), it is then teased with a dash of spicy black pepper and cardamom. It then slowly transitions into the ginger accord, which gives it a masculine note. It then melts into our beloved modern oud and balsamic accord that gives it a sturdy base.

George Zaharoff and Claude Dir certainly outdid themselves, making this scent. The fusion of different niche and modern scents has created a somewhat well-balanced signature in the world of fragrance. It is perfect for anyone who loves a more traditional scent, as well as anyone who loves a modern scent.


While you may be lucky to get 5 to 8 hours max on most new releases these days, the Zaharoff signature pour Homme is an exception. You will not need more perfume for the next 12 to 14 hours with this scent.

Again, you can wear it anywhere, to work, to a date, to a conference. You definitely will not go wrong. However, go easy on the spray. This is a powerhouse scent, and two to three sprays will last you the whole day. In the summer two to three sprays will last you a whole day, in the cold season, four to five should definitely be enough to soldier through the winter season.


This is definitely a beautifully crafted scent, and we see at least 25-year-olds and above having the ability to at least appreciate this scent. We will also appreciate the positive notes that come in the packaging. Like “inspiration can come from the unexpected,” and “I am open to all good things.” We definitely love this personal touch of positive affirmation.

This scent is definitely leaps and bounds ahead of many other scents we have heard of or reviewed. We should also mention it is a boss scent.

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