Ylang in Gold Review

Ylang in Gold Review

Ylang in Gold was introduced in the market in the year 2012, as part of M. Micallef’s COLLECTION JEWEL. The brand M. Micallef kept Ylang in Gold’s frangrance in secret until its launch in 2012.

Ylang in Gold is known for its floral scent that is as smooth as silk. It is also comparable to custard because it unites and transforms its materials into one mellifluous whole. Also just like custard, Ylang in Gold is creamy, and very, very, very sweet.

“Ylang in Gold do smell like an expensive body cream that I want to cream in my whole body.”

Each bottle of Ylang in Gold is infused with 24k refined gold powder that leaves you with a subtle and sheer gold shimmer when applied. The formulation of this perfume is not sticky, but neither is it chiffon-like and vaporous type. It also comes with a non-shimmer version that does not contain any gold shimmers in its formulation.

“Custard tastes like how Ylang in Gold smells.”

The rich and deep frangance of ylang-ylang was perfectly blended with notes of custard, rubber and neroli. All of these combined with a little hint of rose, jasmine and wood are considered to have a soothing and calming effect on the person’s mood. It is the type of perfume that you would like to smell again and again. It is simple, yet unique and addictive.

The scent of Ylang in Gold is anything but complex. No frills, no grit, no surprise. It is not the fancy type of perfume. It is simple, just a combination of sweet floral and custardy vanilla. A scent that’s perfect for a tropical refresher when you are longing for some beach-vibe.

As for the longevity of Ylang in Gold, it is considered to be above average, and it lasts longer than most perfumes in the market. Each bottle of Ylang in Gold contains 100 ml and it retails for $245.

Similar Scented Perfumes

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If you like one or more of the perfumes mentioned above, then you should give Ylang in Gold a try. Ylang in God share the same creamy and sweet scent for that feminine fragrance as with the mentioned perfumes above.

In Conclusion

Overall, after all those tantalizing notes, Ylang in Gold is a very pretty, very smooth, and very simple. But sometimes simple is best.

So, if you’re the type of person who likes tropical florals or creamy florals, then you might consider giving Ylang in Gold a try. This Ylang in Gold–dressed in a honey-toned in a Swarovski crystal bottle–can be an addition to your perfume staples.

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