Xerjoff Naxos Review

Xerjoff Naxos Review

The product has a passionate and Mediterranean character lending such a cheerful vitality. Its citrus notes much add this; it has stayed among the best market options all through. The citrus notes in the perfume mix well right to the sweet flowers and thereby placing the spotlight on the product contrast with several precious spices.

The 1000 year age olfactory traces of world domination and the culture of conquerors meet here. Its scent starts with fruity hints of citrus and classic light mixed with vanilla and honey sweetness with some exotic notes from cinnamon. At the base, there are the masculine notes of tonka bean and tobacco notes; these have been replaced by the youthful heart of jasmine and white flowers.

The product dry-down is a mélange of vetiver, cedar and lemon citrus. The overall effect of the product is a representation of aromatic lemon citrus all through. The green notes and the citrus represented in the pyramid are the leaves and a fruit, and the vetiver is a slightly earthy sharp like roots while the cedar is the tree trunk.

The product has a complete brilliant take the citrus genre that smells natural and can last for a whole day long. What does this mean? You will all day smell like lemon try wherever you walk.

While Xerjoff’s product fragrances might have more masculine attributes, the Naxos mantra of this particular perfume is not gendered at all. It fits both the male and female people at large. So, you can shop around for these scents around without worries at all. Naxos fragrance is for all genders, so have no second guess towards it.

At the opening, it’s a tart lemon-lime combined with citrus lavender that will settle all over into something more refined and sweet. Just the backdrops of it will smooth out its entire fruity opening. Aromatic additions like the tonka beans and cinnamon have darkened its scent. They have created the right balance between the product’s darker and lighter elements. This is a top product in the market to consider.

The dark side of the product isn’t too heavy, and it’s sweet part also never overbearing too much. Xerjoff has studied all moisturizers, deodorants, soaps, hair care products, and other personal care manners into detail to give us Naxos. It’s a tested and approved product to use for different purposes ranging from providing a room an aromatic scent, our body wears, and anything that needs to smell sweet. Xerjoff Naxos perfume is a product worth your money. It’s a product to offer you excellent scent and the surrounding all through.

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