Vera Wang Hippie Princess Review

Vera Wang Hippie Princess Review

It suggests that it has an earthy-hippie scent. But the Vera Wang Hippie Princess perfume has a sweet fruity scent which is best for a princess like yourself. It has a playful side in it as well as a little bit flirty. This is perfect for young girls who want to have their signature scent but don’t want to go overboard with the usual adult perfume. This scent is just right since it’s like having your childhood cologne but it’s a grown-up scent that will be good for teens and young adults.

The scents are perfect during the hot summer months. It has the perfect balance of the fruity and floral scent. The top base scent is composed of mango, freesia, and apple blossom. When you are in the heart notes, it has the Jasmin. lotus, and apricot that gives it a more romantic scent. The based notes have the musk, woody notes, and vanilla in it that can make you smell like a bohemian chic. It’s a great day time scent so you can wear it all day since it can last between 4-6 hours.

The Heart Bottle

When it comes to perfumes, the bottle says it all. The Vera Wang Hippie Princess comes in a heart-shaped bottle. The sides have pink hearts and bohemian style patterns that line the bottle. It has a baby blue color heat in the middle. The style of the bottle is very feminine and sweet. Not to mention the cap is also a shape of a princess crown with turquoise beads around it. If you get the 50 ml bottle, you can have a detachable cap so that you can use it as a ring. However, the 30 ml bottle doesn’t have a detachable cap so it should just stay in the perfume bottle. But still, it’s a great addition to your perfume collection since it’s so pretty and you can use the perfume inside.

Final Notes

Vera Wang perfumes are an all-time favorite of millennials because of its girly, flirty, and pretty scent. It can make you feel confident wherever you go since you know that you smell very nice at any time of the day. It’s also a great perfume to try to impress your crush and your girlfriends who will love your scent all day round.

Since it also comes in the Vera Wang Princess heart shape which is an iconic bottle, it will be a great addition to your perfume collection. It will look nice in your vanity drawer so you can even take your selfie with it on the background. Of course, since it’s Vera Wang, you can expect that it will never fail you to impress the people around you with your scent.

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