Roja Elysium Review

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Roja Elysium Review
Elysium Pour Homme or simply Elysium Perfume is a fragrance developed by the British outfit, Roja Dove. It was launched in 2017 for the modern-day gentleman. The perfume is an eau de cologne, a strong fragrance with masculine scents. Roja Dove developed the fragrance, inspired by strong notes of heroism and flair, themes that every gentleman desires to have.

Still in production, the perfume scents of fresh citrusy. Roja Dove developed a luxurious perfume that fits the bill of the modern-day hardworking gentleman.

Contents and Smell of the Perfume

The eau de cologne was developed by men. Elysium Pure Homme is designed for the noble and hardworking gentleman who isn’t afraid to flaunt his strengths. This is also evident in the eye-catching price tag. The complex and modern gentleman would appreciate the sharp notes and themes of manliness, as portrayed by Roja Dove.

However, after a few taps on the palm and the neck, it is evident that the fragrance is mild and does not fill a room with its masculine scents. Additionally, some may feel the ecstatic price tag does not justify the composition of the notes.

That said, the perfume pyramid follows a dense composition of notes and themes as follows; top notes include bergamot, thyme, lemon, lime, galbanum, grapefruit, and Artemisia. The middle notes include; rose, black currant, lily of the valley, jasmine, apple, vetiver, pink pepper, cypriol oil (also known as nagarmotha), and juniper berries. The base notes are as follows; vanilla, leather and woody scents, benzoin, labdanum, and ambergris.

Pricing and Affordability

The scent is relatively expensive, but worth your every penny. The bottle comes in 3.4 oz that retails at $320. The perfume is classy and sophisticated. The perfume is intended to give you a fresh and clean odor for hours. You can easily purchase the authentic perfume from the following sites: bhperfumery, osswaldnyc, bergdorfs, and luckyscent. It is crucial to make purchases from renowned perfume shops to avoid being swindled. You can also check out Europerfumes, where you will not only get great discounts but faster shipping.


Its longevity is a huge plus for this particular perfume. The scent will give you perfect silage for daytime and will even last up to evening. The bright and citric top notes are simply mindblowing. The scent is cemented with vanilla that gives off a delicious aroma throughout. The expensive fruity smell makes it a majestic bottle to have in your collection.

However, the perfume is not the best production. This is owing to the fact that the projection is very shallow. You can barely smell it after the first application, and wafting also is not helpful. You will need more than one application to maintain the odor for hours on end. The scent will go for up to 1 hour when it comes to clothes application and 3 hours from direct application to the skin. The perfume is an excellent buy if you appreciate the subtle hints of mint and citrus. It is perfect for summer and also spring.

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