Most Popular Estee Lauder Perfume For Her

Most Popular Estee Lauder Perfume For Her

About Modern Muse by Estee Lauder

The feminine fragrance exudes power and will. It’s oriented to cater to the duality of an independent woman, in today’s world. The multi-faceted fragrance has multiple positive impressions to ensure that the needs of every woman are met. Its tones from a broad range of quality ingredients range from floral, vanilla, lily, and musk among others.

Estee Lauder
Modern Muse

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According to Harry Fremont, he created this perfume to express a sense of duality. Well, he managed to do this by using two ingredients i.e. Sleek woods that represent strength and sparkling jasmine that represents femininity. It should be noted that all these are features of the present-day woman Modern Muse fragrance notes

For intensity, power, as well as longevity when it comes to using this fragrance, Modern Muse contains three different types of notes:

1. Top Notes

They are just two but play a crucial role. Mandarin and Dewy petals make the scent of Modern Muse to last longer. They help to enhance and retain the aroma of this fragrance.

2. Heart Notes

Tuberose: This hearty ingredient has a lot of benefits. It’s an aphrodisiac with an intoxicating scent. The heart notes of tuberose are floral musky. Its middle feminine note with the deep floral scent makes it a great addition to this fragrance.

Lily: naturally, lilies smell so good. Inhaling the scent of this ingredient normally increases the sensitivity of your brain signals. This means that you will end up with more brainpower and fewer nerves. Lily is the reason why Modern Muse makes you confident as it tends to interact with the logical part of the brain.

Honeysuckle nectar: it gives Modern Muse its classic and distinguishable flora scent. It makes you want to sniff the bottle all the time.

Jasmine sambac: it’s one of the outstanding ingredients used to make this fragrance. Its delightful musk, as well as the diffusive floral sweetness it produces, gives it strong undertones. It’s edgy, warm, and addictive.

3. Base notes

Patchouli: this is an essential oil that also acts as a natural type of perfume. Patchouli normally creates a relaxing atmosphere thanks to its refreshing scent.

Amber wood: this makes the best base notes that are to its natural characteristics that include “longevity” and “intensity”.

Musk: it’s considered as a fixative component of most fragrances.

The Meaning behind the Modern Muse’s Scent

For starters, the name Modern Muse is fantastic. It’s modern and feminine. According to Estee Lauder, this is an inspiring name that is designed to perfectly capture your style and personality. It will bring out the confidence in you while you are traversing different parts of this world.

The sleeky woody notes of Jasmine will simply draw you to yourself. This is a multi-faced fragrance that’s dynamic with the different lifestyles of women. When asked why choose modern muse? Well, it’s because it’s original, dynamic, stylish, and inspirational.


The availability of access is one of the things that makes this perfume stand out. It’s available in multiple quantities to ensure that the needs of different women are met. If you just want a trial or you are on a tight budget, then you can buy the 30 ml bottle. If you are impressed with this product and want to use it for a long period, then you can opt to use the 50 ml bottle or even go for the 100 ml bottle.

Why Is It The Most Popular Estee Lauder Perfume For Her?

For perfume users and collectors, Estée Lauder Modern Muse simply stands out. Not only is it fierce and flirty, but it’s also fabulous. Although most perfumistas who love Estee Lauder’s products expected this perfume to be sensuous, well, they were in for a surprise.

As the most popular Estee Lauder perfume for her, modern muse isn’t distinctive but it has an aspect of a personality of its own. There are people who try to compare this perfume to other products from this brand. As much as Sensuous Noir seems to be a close competitor, it has a masculine woody base. This may seem interesting at first but the base can be so intense. Pleasures and Beyond Paradise have that solid floral base but that can’t effectively compete with what this perfume offers.

It is not overpoweringly masculine or highly feminine. It’s a combination of both scents. It doesn’t stand on either edge. It’s versatile enough to be the perfect office wear or when going out for a romantic dinner. Alternatively, you can also wear it while going to the gym or just a casual day out.

We can agree that this is an impressive product that features a balance of ingredients. If you have not used it, then you are missing out on the fragrance and experience. It’s not chocking but rather enticing. It has a certain degree of softness that tends to soften as you inhale it.

Its package also makes it attractive. It comes in a slim bottle and you can comfortably carry it around. The Allure Beauty Award Winner is fascinating and also intriguing. With Estee Lauder’s brand name, you can’t miss if you purchase this product.

The Bottom Line

Generally, this fragrance wears well, regardless of the season. In terms of quality and effectiveness, Modern Muse is a 5-star rated product. Its price and overall rating don’t go below 4.5 as well. It’s a clean and sophisticated perfume that’s infused with some of the best organic components.

Its package is feminine thanks to the soft pink color. There is also some bit of black that highlights strength while the gold-like touch indicates sophistication. This is a unique and premium feminine fragrance that has powerful hits and a balanced appeal that will quickly get you obsessed.

Estee Lauder
Modern Muse

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