Last Night Perfume Review

Last Night Perfume Review

Working with a perfumer Carlos Benaim, Edward Bess did it again. Last Night Perfume is made of ingredients such as rose, leather, and smoke. These are intriguing enough and you may even wonder if how will these ingredients end up in a bottle. It seems that there’s a story behind this perfume and it goes like this. The rose to be the belle of the ball who showed up in a leather jacket and smoke emerged as the rose glides through the night.

Last Night perfume is great for both men and women. Amazingly, it can last a very long time which is from 14 to 17 hours which is perfect if you’re planning to stay up all night until the sunrise shines from the sky. The scent is inspired by the late-night downtown. It features a cocktail of sparkling bergamot, pink pepper, and red grapefruit. It can intoxicate the senses with cold-pressed mandarin oil and energetic spices. It can last from dusk until the break of dawn.

The Last Night Bottle

This perfume bottle is simple yet elegant. It looks like there’s a liquid gold inside which makes it look mysterious because of the black cap. The simplicity of its bottle makes it fit for both men and women since it looks like a transparent gemstone. Perfect for a simple yet elegant feel in your vanity drawer.

You don’t have to always bring it with you like other perfume bottles since the scent can last the entire day. Also, it seems as if it’s a crime not to have this perfume bottle since it’s too good to pass on. If you see a bottle of the Last Night Perfume, make sure that you go home with it since you don’t want to miss having this one of a kind perfume that you should be wearing in your every night out.


If you are looking for a perfume that will give you another scent from what you are used to having, then Last Night Perfume is a great choice. You can feel the inspiration behind this scent since you will feel sexy inside and your partner will surely love this smell even more. Since scent can tickle your senses and even affect your mood, it’s a great perfume to try. The people around you will be intoxicated with your great scent and you can easily charm everyone while wearing this perfume. The best thing about it is the longevity of the scent. Other perfumes can last up to 6 hours which is good enough. But for a perfume to last for 17 hours, that’s legendary.

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