I Am Trash Review

I Am Trash Review

Well if you are looking for a perfume with higher fragrance concentration then you should think about settling for I AM Trash perfume. It is one of the best brand and indeed a great option in the line of fragrance. The perfume has a fruity and fresh fragrance despite its name. It is made from strawberries and other fruits and hence the sweet smell.

This perfume is made from the upcycled perfume materials. It is made from the residue of a prior extraction. The ingredients used in the first extraction are used for the second time to make the I AM Trash perfume’s these includes the apple, rose flowers and cedar. It is basically similar to taking a second cup of tea using the previous tea bag. Extraction of these ingredients for a second time results to a deeper scent profile hence relating to the natural fruity fragrance from the perfume.

The scent from the different fruits are quite different but their proper combinations results into some sweet, fruity and fresh smell. The perfume is produced in different qualities and therefore you can have a wider variety to choose from based on your preferences and the perfume that conforms to your budget as well. There is a floral quality, greener quality and some cedar upcycled materials at the base. The perfume gives 6-18 hour fragrance giving a good scent and much confidence while interacting with your friends and colleagues.

I AM Trash is not only a highly concentrated perfume but also an affordable option to consider especially if your budget is a bit restrained.


The perfume comes in different bottle sizes and therefore giving you a range of options to consider.

Last for longer time. The perfume has a higher fragrance concentration and therefore the smell can last for 18 hours giving you a good scent all day.

Affordable-if you are looking for a cheaper and a quality perfume, then I AM Trash is indeed a better option to consider, the perfume is made from recycled materials and hence relation to the affordable prices following the lower production costs.


The smell may be too sweet for people looking for just some cool perfume brands.

I AM Trash is indeed one of the best perfumes with higher fragrance concentrations. Despite its name, the perfume provides a fruity and fresh smell for long hours. It is also an affordable perfume if your budget is a bit restrained. The different size bottles and varying qualities of the I AM Trash gives you a wider variety to choose from based on the best perfume that suits your most.

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