Ellen Tracy Perfume Review

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Ellen Tracy Perfume Review
Ellen Tracy has been in the fashion industry for over four decades, stemming back to the early 60s. The brand grew to prominence because of the classic neo-cosmopolitan look that inspired women's fashion sense all over the world. However, it wasn't until early 2011 that Ellen Tracy Perfume by Ellen Tracy hit the market. Ellen Tracy was designed for the modern-day lady who goes to the office in the morning and is still scented to go for a night event come evening.

The perfume is an oriental woody fragrance; it comprises of the rich and warm tone of unique ingredients such as labdanum, vanilla, and coumarin, as explained below. All those unique notes blended to form the perfect pitch for the modern-day lady who has a rich sense of style.

Contents and features of the scent

A lady wearing this brand of fragrance will have a fresh floral scent to her. As mentioned earlier, Ellen Tracy perfume is an Oriental woody fragrance; this means it has a blend of warmness and sensuality, that mixes well a woody scent that features earthy, mossy, and leathery notes.

Nonetheless, Ellen Tracy has the following top notes; lemon, green notes, plum, osmanthus, hyacinth, galbanum, peach, and bergamot. The fragrance has orchid, aldehydes, carnation, rose, ylang-ylang, tuberose, and jasmine as middle notes. Lastly, the foot-notes or base notes include oakmoss, amber, cedar, raspberry, and tonka bean, among others.

Ellen Tracy’s perfume is for the modern, complex, sophisticated yet simple lady. It Illuminates the lady’s strength, passion, and charisma while showcasing the inner richness of the woman.

Pricing and Affordability

The perfume comes in different sizes at different price ranges. In order for you to know the authenticity of your purchase, you must not buy from street vendors. The perfume comes in highly exclusive in 3.4oz and 1.7 oz bottles that are very stylish and elegant. The former retails at $13.56, and the latter comes in at $11.42. They are definitely pricey, but a little bit of the Scent goes a long way. It’s a very worthy purchase.

To avoid knock offs and imitations, check out these stores that are keen on authenticity. You can opt for Belk.com, Macys.com, Vonmaur.com, amazon.com, shopstyle.com, and Nordstrom.com. Here you will find the quality you need as well as shipping services if you are overseas. Ellen Tracy is a great perfume, to say the very least. You will surely leave the room reminiscing after wearing this perfume.


The Scent is highly contagious. The perfume speaks volumes of the complexity of a woman’s nature and poise. This is the kind of Scent you go for when you need a pick me up or when going for a date. It’s a definite must-have given its strong feminine character that will have you smelling good for days on end. Ellen Tracy has mastered the art of feminine nature, and this perfume will definitely land on your top shelf. The Scent is entirely original and authentic. However, the pricing might be a bit deer as compared to other productions, but it’s definitely worth the buy.

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