Best Tom Ford Perfume For Him

Best Tom Ford Perfumes For Him

#10 Tom Ford Black Orchid

A luxurious and fruity fragrance, that will get you all the attention in the room, Tom Ford’s Black Orchid is an alluring potion of black orchids. It is a seductive, floral and fruity mix that’s perfect for unique occasions. Orange and bergamot add a whole new side, but the aroma mostly comes from dark floral, gardenia and whiffs of oleander. A non-specific woodsiness towards the end complements the whole mixture and adds a seductive tone, as well.

Tom Ford Black Orchid is a luxurious perfume suitable for every strong man out there. If you wish to impress and gain the attention of every female standing close by, then go ahead and try this flirty cologne. Being both modern and traditional, the scent of this perfume is perfect for men of all ages.

#9 Tom Ford Noir de Noir

Noir de Noir is a traditional, and yet always popular perfume launched by Tom Ford. Initially released back in 2007, this Asiatic perfume can really give every man out there a wave of confidence and energy. The fragrance is floral-spicy. The perfect combination of black rose, black truffle, and vanilla, this perfume is dark, heavy, sweet and spicy all at the same time. The result will make you inspiring, powerful and masculine at the same time.

Noir de Noir is ideal for more formal occasions, or for an expensive evening out with someone special, whether we talk about your beloved woman or your business partner. Most importantly, it cannot get imitated because everybody already knows its smell pretty well.

Tom Ford
Noir de Noir

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#8 Tom Ford For Men

The first perfume of the whole Tom Ford line cannot be absent from this list. Its subtle fragrance and fresh aroma earned this particular perfume various positive reviews. Its sales rate subdued other well-known brands and men still prefer it, nowadays. The Mediterranean Citrus aroma of this perfume mixes perfectly with the smell of tobacco leaf and ginger.

A touch of herbal basil gives this cologne a soft and gentle side. What’s the twist? The addition of a unique ingredient, named Moroccan grapefruit flower. This particular compound can be harvested from blossoms only during a period of three weeks per year. A reflection of Tom Ford himself, this perfume was designed for all those men out there who are refined, sophisticated and modern.

Tom Ford
For Men

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#7 Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Tom Ford Noir Extreme is the perfect option if you wish to make everyone look at you from the moment you set your foot in. Its strong notes, irresistible scent, and powerful elements make it the perfect choice for every independent male out there. Persian lemon, balsam, truffle, and caramel are all mixed together to create a unique perfume. But that is not all. Thai basil, cardamon, citrus, and coriander make up the perfume’s top layer. The middle note includes some strong notes, like sandalwood, black plum, and saffron.

Overall, the Tom Ford Noir Extreme perfume is a rich, deep, warm, and bittersweet scent that blends sensuality and formality. The result? An intense and striking perfume designed for all the men out there who are confident with themselves and wish to shine.

Tom Ford
Noir Extreme

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#6 Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

A perfume designed to blend nicely the old with the new, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is aromatic and fruity. It actually smells like tobacco and vanilla, as the name implies. The first scent that will come to your nose once you use this perfume is the sweet combination of those two ingredients, at an equal measure. The initial blast of sweetness everyone near you is going to experience is unique. After some while, this sweetness will turn into something darker.

With an average longevity, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille will stay on your skin for at least 3 hours. It is ideal for those of you who wish to bring a bit of sweetness in your lives. It is an everyday perfume that you can wear on almost every occasion, from day to night and always look impeccable and mysteriously sexy.

Tom Ford
Tobacco Vanille

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#5 Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Grey Vetiver is considered the perfect perfume for your office. It is also, being among the first choices for a special and business-like event, where your favorite suit will accompany you. Why is that? Because it has a clean, earthy and yet massively appealing scent. Many have described this perfume as a signature scent for every young businessman or professional. Its long-lasting effect and the citrus-based scent will definitely gain you some compliments.

The perfume starts off with a blast of citrus and a subtle vetiver note in the background. A light, fresh and yet masculine scent make this Tom Ford choice great from every modern man. After all, the very best Hugh Jackman uses it on special occasions.

Tom Ford
Grey Vetiver

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#4 Tom Ford Ombre Leather

This 2018 perfume is actually a re-release of the popular Ombre Leather 16 launched back in 2016. However, unlike the original bottle, this version is much more affordable and still awesome. It smells like Tuscan Leather, but it is lighter, creamier and smoother. Once you smell this perfume, you will feel overwhelmed with a fruity leather vibe. You will feel the floral notes in the background, as well. It is a masculine perfume that is not overpowering. That makes it extremely versatile; you can wear it day and night,

If you wish to feel the contrast between a strong leather scent and a more subtle and formal-feeling background scent, then you have to look at Tom Ford Ombre Leather as soon as possible. Every man wishing to experience a balanced and yet pleasant fragrance is ready to purchase this unique Tom Ford mixture.

Tom Ford
Ombre Leather

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#3 Tom Ford Oud Wood

Do not get tricked by the name of this perfume. Traditional oud wood may seem quite indifferent or even displeasing. However, there is nothing displeasing with the Tom Ford Oud Wood perfume. The company has tried hard to create a modern version of the whole philosophy behind this resin and they have succeeded. The result is a warm and sensual mix of different fragrances you will love from the very start. It smells spicy and it is quite subtle, but that is the whole beauty of this cologne.

You can wear it on formal events with your tie and suit or during your everyday whereabouts. It is a bit sophisticated and it definitely doesn’t scream out for attention. It sits close to the skin and lasts for about 6-8 hours.

Tom Ford
Oud Wood

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#2 Tom Ford Amber Absolute

Part of the Private Blend Collection, Tom Ford Amber Absolute could not be missed from this list. What you first get from this mixture is a warm amber vibe and a dark, deep vanilla scent. All the notes in this perfume are African intense and they are perfect for every powerful male out there. The scent is overall spicy-woody and smokey. It is also, among the most long-lasting scents out there. You can easily wear it all day long and smell perfect.

From the very start, you are going to feel the dense and frank scent that comes from this perfume. The vanilla base is a bit sweet and gives this product the necessary richness, without being overly heady. Labdanum is added to balance this sweetness and offer a somewhat luxurious aroma to the final perfume. If you consider yourself a true lover of amber, then you should not miss the chance to live without this Tom Ford masterpiece.

#1 Tom Ford Plum Japonais

Released in 2013, Tom Ford Plum Japonais is the most exotic perfume of this company. A luxurious and extremely rich Asian-style scent that is fruity, as well make up this mixture. The top notes of this Tom Ford’s masterpiece are cinnamon and saffron. The base notes are amber, benzoin, and vanilla. The longevity is average and when you first smell this fragrance on your skin, you will get a fresh and spicy aroma.

More suitable for the cold winter days and nights, this rich-scent perfume will draw the attention of everyone. Most importantly, no one will fail to feel the exotic energy coming from this scent. After all, it is the perfect companion for every powerful and still playful and mysterious male out there.

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