Best Prada Perfumes For Him

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Best Prada Perfume For Him (1)
There is no doubt in saying that your perfume can tell a lot about your personality. And this is the reason why it is recommended that everyone should use a perfume that resonates with their personality. Apart from this, perfumes are also great gift options that you can present to your loved ones. However, there are many companies that out there that sell perfumes but when it comes to the best smelling perfumes, Prada is one of the best options that everyone should consider.

Top 10: Best Prada Perfume for Him

So if you are searching for the best Prada perfumes, then this article has everything you need. In this article, you will get a list of the 10 best Prada perfume for him. So if this sounds compelling, then stick to this article.

#10 Prada Luna Rossa Sport

Luna Rossa Sport is one of the simplest perfumes by Prada and it inspired by the Luna Rossa. The best thing about this perfume is that it gives you a fresh feeling and also smells very nice. When you spray it, it will give you a combination of tonka bean and vanilla. Coming to the bottle design, this bottle has a sportier look, which also looks very premium.

  • The Notes: It is a blend of different notes but the top notes of this perfume are juniper berry, ginger, and lavender. The lavender and ginger are the most dominant, so you expect a bit more smell of these two. The heart notes are amber and hay. At last, the base notes of this perfume are musk, vanilla, and heliotrope.
  • Ideal For: This perfume is for occasional uses and it would be great option for home purposes. You can wear it for regular use or when you are going for grocery shopping. The simplicity of this perfume makes it unique from others.
Luna Rossa Sport

#9 Prada L’homme

If you looking for a masculine perfume, you can go with this L’Homme L’eau. However, as compared to Prada L’Homme, this perfume doesn’t have the same Irish note, but you will be able feel some similarity. Apart from this, it has a stronger wood base and it gives a baby powder kind of fragrance.

  • The Notes: The top notes of this perfume are neroli and some ginger. The middle notes are iris and amber. The base notes of this perfume are cedar, sandalwood, and powdery notes.
  • Ideal For: This L’Homme L’eau is perfect for people who want something to wear for office or professional purposes. It gives a clean smell that would be great for your office meetings.

#8 Prada L’homme Intense

For all the people who are searching for a strong darker aroma, then you should consider trying this L’Homme Intense. The best thing about this perfume is that it stays for a long time. A single spray will last for at least 9 hours and the strong sweetness is the key factor of this perfume.

  • The Notes: The top note of this perfume is the iris. The middle notes are a combination of amber and patchouli. And the base notes of this perfume are leather, tonka bean, and sandalwood.
  • Ideal For: As you know that this perfume gives a very sweet feeling, which makes it perfect to wear at colder weather of winter and autumn. This perfume is ideal to wear at parties.
L'Homme Intense

#7 Prada Luna Rossa

This perfume is a mixture of classic fragrances that are made in a modern way. The main inspiration to make this product is competitive racing. It has a masculine fragrance, which includes different flavors. In simple words, it is an aromatic scent and can be used by anyone. This is premium perfume and the bottle design is inspired by the sailor’s boat.

  • Top Notes: The top notes of this perfume are a blend of lavender and bitter orange. The middle notes are clary sage and mint and the base notes of this perfume are ambrette and ambroxan.
  • Ideal For: If you want to try something intense and fresh, then you can go with this perfume. You can wear this for your office or dinner dates.
Luna Rossa

#6 Prada Amber Intense

This Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense gives a silky and bold kind of feel that resonates with confidence. It comes with a unique mix of different ingredients, you can feel the bits of lavender and leather. It is made for men but it gives a unisex vibe. This perfume is very popular and most people love it for its mature fragrance.

  • The Notes: The top notes of this perfume are patchouli and myrrh. The middle notes are vanilla, amber, and bergamot. And the base notes of this perfume are tonka bean, orange blossom, sandalwood, and leather.
  • Ideal For: This perfume is sophisticated and masculine and it gives you a fresh opening. The vanilla makes it a little warm. In short, this is a perfect scent for your daily wear, you can wear it with both casual and formal.
Amber Intense

#5 Prada L’Homme

If you are L’Homme series lover and looking for a modern perfume, then this Prada L’Homme Eau De Toilette Spray will never disappoint you. It is a blend of different ingredients, and the good thing is that it combines iris and amber, which are Prada’s classic ingredients. The main characteristics of this perfume are described as airy, reserved, and challenging.

  • The Notes: The top notes come as a great blend of neroli, cardamom, and black pepper seeds. The middle notes of this perfume are violet, iris, and germanium. The base notes are amber, wood, cedar and patchouli.
  • Ideal For: The best thing about this perfume is that anyone can use it. It contains different ingredients and it gives a fragrance that you can wear in different occasions.

#4 Prada Luna Rossa Carbon

Luna Rossa Carbon is one of the strongest perfumes by Prada and it comes with amazing longevity. Being strong as a rock, it also gives you some freshness of the air. This perfume is inspired by the combination of technology and nature and it opens with a seductive masculine fragrance. The energetic notes of lavender and green bergamot make it powerful but whereas the other notes like watery patchouli balance the freshness.

  • The Notes: The top notes of this perfume are bergamot and lavender. The middle notes are soil tincture, patchouli, and geranium. The base notes are Heliotrope and Ambroxan.
  • Ideal For: This perfume comes with an aromatic fragrance that is specially made for people who want to try something hard and masculine. It is perfect if you are going to bars or weddings.
Luna Rossa Carbon

#3 Prada Luna Rossa Black

If you are someone whose main priority is the warmness and the spice, then this Prada Black cologne will suit you a lot. However, it is a bit different from Prada perfumes but gives amazing performance. This perfume doesn’t fade easily and resonates with masculine energy. It is inspired by the sailing challenge and it is the 7th scent of the Luna Rossa collection.

  • The Notes: The top notes come in a blend of bergamot and angelica. The heart notes are coumarin and patchouli. The base note of this perfume is a woody amber.
  • Ideal For: This is a darker perfume, which makes it perfect for winter and fall seasons. Though if you want to smell a bit masculine, then you can also wear this for special occasions. The addition of tonka bean and amber gives it a warm and sweet vibe.
Luna Rossa Black

#2 Prada L’homme Absolu

This Prada Absolu is an updated version of the L’homme Prada cologne. The best thing about this perfume is that it has a spicy and citrusy opening, which is because of the addition of ingredients like bergamot, black pepper, and mandarin. Iris is added in the middle base and it is supported by the aromatic accents of neroli and geranium.

  • The Notes: The top notes of this perfume are mandarin, bergamot, cardamom, and black pepper. The middle notes are neroli, iris, and germanium. The base notes are amber, cedar, and labdanum.
  • Ideal For: If you liked the original L’homme Prada cologne, then you will surely like it. It gives amazing freshness and is a bit warmer. You can wear this perfume for your formal meetings.
L'Homme Absolu

#1 Prada Luna Rossa Extreme

As the name suggests, this perfume is extremely masculine and a good choice for people who love strong long-lasting perfumes. The main thing that sets this perfume apart from others is the blend of ingredients it has. You just need 2 sprays and it will fill the room with woody, peppery, incense fragrance.

  • The Notes: The top notes of this perfume are bergamot, black pepper. The middle notes are labdanum, juniper berry. The base notes of this perfume are lavender absolute, and vanilla.
  • Ideal For: This perfume is ideal to wear for evening parties. It will make you stand out from the crowd and you will smell masculine and strong.
Luna Rossa Extreme

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