Best Mont Blanc Cologne For Him

Best Mont Blanc Colognes For Him

There is no denying the fact that there are a few things unique and versatile about Monte Blanc colognes for men. They bring in a sense of class, sophistication and they are available in various flavors and aromas.

Top 9: Best Mont Blanc Cologne for Him

They are also not very heavy and punishing on your wallet. But you would do a better job if you went through this list of 10 best Mont Blanc colognes. It will help you to have a decent idea about these colognes and then make an informed decision.

#9 Emblem Absolu

This is a wonderful combination of cold spices and warm woods. It also comes with the unique combination of various ingredients and the total effect is mesmerizing to say the least. All these are mixed beautifully and this leads the user to the wonderful lavender aroma. It is interspersed with a bit of honey, pepper and fruits. The base of the cologne is made up of crystal moss, patchouli and Vetiver. It comes in a pack of 100 ml and could really light up the day for your man whether it is summer, winter or even rainy season.

  • The Notes: The top notes of this cologne for men are made up of mandarin, pear and cardamom. It also complements well with other ingredients such as honey, fruit and pink pepper as mentioned above. All these together leave that fantastic masculine effect behind and it lasts for quite a few hours.
  • Ideal For: Mon Blanc Emblem Absolu is suitable both for casual and formal use. The good thing about this cologne is that it can be used all through the year.

Mont Blanc
Emblem Absolu

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#8 Legend

There is no denying the fact that Monte Blanc Legend is perhaps one of the best Mont Blanc cologne for him because of a number of reasons. It is famous for quite a few things and these include some of the most well known aromatic notes. However, the entire base of this cologne is built on fougere frame. It therefore can be considered to be from the famous aromatic fougere family. The cologne is light and refreshing and those who are not favorably inclined towards strong aromas and flavors may have reasons to choose this variant of Mont Blanc.

  • The Notes: As far as the heart notes are concerned, the main ones are Apple, Rose and Calone. When it comes to base notes the main ones are Tonka Bean, Cedar wood and Oak Moss. It also has a fantastic combination of head notes and they are pineapple, lavender, verbena and lemon.
  • Ideal For: It is suitable for daily use and also for special occasions like a date, parties and other events. A top up during the day might be required when it is used for routine purposes if the aroma has to last for around six to seven hours.

Mont Blanc

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#7 Presence

If you are looking for a clean scent that is akin to a quality luxury men’s body soap then Mont Blanc Presence Cologne could be the right choice. It offers a very fresh aroma and finally it settles down to that majestic spicy musk odor. You will not have to go around telling the world that you are using cologne because Presence will do the talking. It works just on one squirt and it gives that fresh smell that is enticing.

  • The Notes: The top notes that are part of this cologne are cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and bergamot. The mild notes are sage, apple, and heliotrope, while the base notes are sandalwood, teak, amber, tonka bean, and white musk.
  • Ideal For: It is a long lasting cologne variant from Mont Blanc. Hence, Presence can be used for office wear and other daily purposes.

Mont Blanc

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#6 Starwalker

This could be a good buy for those who are looking for the best of top notes. In terms of opening scent, many users believe that it is one of the best in the market. The scent is light and pleasing and will last for around 4 to 5 hours if the person stays within a closed space. Outside on the roads, the fragrance tends to wear down fast. However, there is no denying the fact that the citrus and bamboo fragrances are very good but they may not last beyond 1 to 2 hours.

  • The Notes: The top notes are Bergamot, Mandarin and Bamboo. The heart notes include Ginger, Nutmeg, Fir resin, and Amber. The base notes are made up of Sandalwood, cedar and musk.
  • Ideal For: It is mostly suited for room use and the effect stays in place for around 1 to 4 hours and may require top ups. Good for daily use.

Mont Blanc

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#5 Emblem Intense

The users of Mont Blanc Emblem Intense in general are favorable inclined towards the initial citric flavor. It also has a fruity nuance to it and that adds the much needed softness and this is caused by mandarin. The lasting power is quite good though a few users believe that are other variants of Mont Blanc that last longer. The fragrant lingers only on the skin and does not pass on to the attires you are wearing.

  • The Notes: The main notes that make up this cologne include mandarin orange, bergamot, bamboo, sandalwood, and middle notes. It also includes white musk, cedar apart from amber, ginger and nutmeg as the base notes.
  • Ideal For: It is an allpurpose and can cater to those who want to smell fresh and sweet at their workplaces. On the other hand it may not last the entire day without regular top ups.

Mont Blanc
Emblem Intense

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#4 Individuel

This is quality cologne with that oriental woody fragrance that men like quite a bit. This variant was launched in the year 2003. The main ingredient behind this fragrance is Pierre Bourdon. It is considered to be all weather cologne and therefore can be used throughout the year.

  • The Notes: The top notes are coriander, cinnamon, rosemary, pineapple, mint, juniper berries, cardamom and bergamot. It also has some interesting middle notes such as geranium, jasmine, orange blossom, violet while the base notes are made of musk, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, and dark chocolate, vanilla amongst others.
  • Ideal For: It is all purpose cologne and can be used for almost all types of needs. You can use it for the special date with your girlfriend or could just splash it across when going for a meet or when you are travelling to your workplace.

Mont Blanc

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#3 Explorer

The Mont Blanc Explorer has a nice opening with an experience that is smooth and fresh. The seamless action between herbs and citrus is there for all to experience. You also will be able to enjoy the orchard ingredients that offer you the user a rosy character. Though the aroma is familiar it has been blended property to give that unique feeling.

  • The Notes: Let us have a look at the three notes, i.e. top, heart and base. The top notes consist of French sage, pink pepper and bergamot. The heart consists of skin and vetiver, while the base is made up of Akigalawood, Ambrofix, cocoa and patchouli.
  • Ideal For: It is best suited for all those special moments, when you want to impress someone special in your life.

Mont Blanc

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#2 Legend Spirit

This is a recently launched variant of cologne from Mont Blanc. It hit the markets in 2016 and is the improvised version of the 2011 variant. It continues to maintain the good things about the original version including classicism and timeless elegance. It is known for its cool perfume and aroma and it considered timeless because of its long-lasting impact. It is for those men who tend to be ravishingly attractive in their own nonchalant ways.

  • The Notes: The top not begins with the refreshing fragrance of pink pepper, grapefruit and bergamot. This gives it a woody composition. The heart consists mainly of cardamom and lavender. The base is completed with cashmere, oak moss, white musk and trendy blonde woods.
  • Ideal For: It is considered as timeless cologne because it lasts and lasts and once you splash it in the morning it should be good enough for the entire day and on warm days a single top up is recommended.

Mont Blanc
Legend Spirit

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#1 Legend Night

Many call Mont Blanc Legend Night as the latest version from the stables of this manufacturer. The attractive and sensual woody fragrance is something that helps to discover the charisma of the man who uses it. It certainly lingers on the body for long time and offers good value for money.

  • The Notes: The main top notes are a fantastic combination of aromatic sage and zesty bergamot. The heart is made up of vetiver that is beautifully infused with violet. The base is made up of violet and cedar and the combination brings elegance and sophistication.
  • Ideal For: This is an all purpose cologne that can be used for casual as well as for special purposes.

Mont Blanc
Legend Night

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