Best Hollister Perfumes for Him

Best Hollister Perfumes for Him

Top 10: Best Hollister Perfume for Him

There are many varieties of Hollister perfumes which can put you in a dilemma regarding which one to go for given their awesome range. This article will make your task easier to get the right pick. We have a list of 10 best Hollister perfumes for him with all the information that you might need as a buyer.

#10 Togetherness

The refreshing scent of HOLLISTER Togetherness COLOGNE will remind you of a sandy beach with the cool blue waves splashing on your body. This perfume stands for zest and freshness. One spray of this awesome unisex perfume will transport you into the arms of a warm beach enveloped in musty seawater. So refreshing, isn’t it!

  • The Notes: The top, middle and base notes of this perfume blend marvellously with soft and earthy Driftwood, tangy Sea Salt and invigorating Marine. This perfume is known for its simple yet energizing notes entwined with the goodness of nature and freshness of the Californian sea.
  • Ideal For: Hollister Togetherness Cologne is tangy and refreshing. It is best suited for spring and summer which will tap your inner senses without overwhelming you during the warm night.


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#9 So Cal Sport

We love the exuberance and excitement of a sports event, don’t we? Hollister So Cal Sport has been designed to complement the sportsmanship and adventure streak in men. The high spirited and enthusiasm of the Southern Californian fragrance can energise anyone in the crowd. This perfume gives off a dewy, aromatic and sporty fragrance tinged with the alluring smell of black amber, cardamom and violet.

  • The Notes: The main notes have a perfect mix of Cardamom, Violet and Black Amber.
  • Ideal For: Hollister So Cal Sport Eau de Cologne is perfect for men who want to flaunt their sporty side and enjoy activities throughout the day. This perfume is ideal to be used in all seasons.

So Cal Sport

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#8 Pacific Shore

Hollister Pacific Shore personifies the quintessential Californian essence of excitement and masculine appeal. The scent of mandarin with a touch of cedar leaf will take you to the coolest depth of the ocean and sparking the senses in you. Imagine soaking in the freshness of the Californian air amid the ocean. This has a zany fragrance of mandarin and amber which is enough to shoot off a strong personality without being overpowering. The smell will transport you to Hollister showrooms which can enrapture you for hours. This perfume has noteworthy longevity which can last for hours.

  • The Notes: The top note includes Mandarin while the heart note blends with the touch of Cedar Leaf. The bottom note includes Amber Wood embodying style and sophistication.
  • Ideal For: This perfume will remind you of the coolest body surfing you had in a pleasant and energetic wave. It is ideal for summer nights to hang out and party with friends purposes.

Pacific Shore

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#7 So Cal Sunset

This Eau de Cologne is another range from So Cal which is heavily inspired by the Californian winds like some of the other Hollister ranges. The perfume exudes a fruity smell combined with the warm fragrance of Bergamot and Amber. As the name suggests, So Cal Sunset embodies the beauty and fragrance of the environment when the sun disappears behind the horizon. This will give you the feeling of sitting with your partner, soaking in the salty Californian air and watching the sunset. The longevity is average but the users have been gushing about its scent. A perfect fragrance for a perfect romantic date!

  • The Notes: The primary notes involve Amber, Suede and Bergamot. The middle and base notes include Citrus fruits.
  • Ideal For: So Cal Sunset is ideal for winter, spring and autumn fall. The Hollister trademark Californian smell makes it a good partner for all seasons.

So Cal Sunset

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#6 So Cal

So Cal brings in the masculinity of South California. It has a fresh and an arousing smell which personifies the laid back, carefree beach lifestyle. Imagine being on a beach with your favourite people laughing and sharing a few drinks in a warm musty cottage. So Cal perfectly combines the scent of freshness and masculinity.

  • The Notes: The top notes of this cologne include White suede and Frozen pineapple. It also gives a fruity note combined with Sweet musk. You get the warm, humid notes from the element of Woody Resins, Coconut, Patchouli, and Wood. It will remind you of a smart man in a leather jacket with a confident look.
  • Ideal For: This perfume is both musky and refreshing and hence can be applied all round the year in parties or romantic dates.

So Cal

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#5 Festival Nite

Hollister Festival Nite is like the new kid in the block for Hollister range but it has its fair share of pros to its kitty. The perfume is synthetic, citrusy and alluring with a soothing blend of musk and sandalwood. This makes it a perfect combination for late-night parties and social gatherings where people can’t get enough of you. This Hollister man will remain a breath of fresh air even when the energy of the party keeps dwindling. This perfume lasts for around 5-6 hours.

  • The Notes: The top notes bring together the essence of Bergamot, Mandarin Leaf, and Apple. The heart notes include Ginger, Ambroxan, and Nepalese Sichuan Pepper. The base notes are Sandalwood, Tonka Bean and Musk.
  • Ideal For: This perfume is ideal for all seasons. So get dressed, put your party mode on and bask away to glory.

Festival Nite

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#4 Festival Vibes 

Hollister Festival Vibes will transport you to an ocean voyage. The scent will make you bask in the glory of sea breeze and revel in the aquatic calmness. It is like taking a sip from the ocean and marvelling the cool breeze soothing your face. If you are going to a party, this perfume can do the trick to infuse the zesty burst and a fruity scent that can last for as long as 6 hours.

  • The Notes: The perfume’s top notes include Pineapple, Ozone, and Birch leaf. Talking about the middle notes, it complements well with Bay Leaf, Cannabis and Ginger. The base notes blend well with Ambergis, Oakmoss and Tonka Bean.
  • Ideal For: This perfume is perfect for your parties, night outs and romantic dates during summer. The strong aquatic and fruity smell will give off a masculine yet relaxed vibe.

Festival Vibes

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#3 Jake

Jake Blue Edition gives a youthful vibe without restricting it to any age group. It is generic, fresh and clean with a tinge of a sweet fruity whiff. It is also talked off as the igh School’ fragrance which is best suited for work and play. This perfume is not heavy and lasts for a few hours in your body. People have appreciated the longevity of the perfume. It starts with an attractive and tangy citrus note and after some time gives a woody vibe. If you are going out with a group of friends to relax, enjoy or play around, Jake Blue Edition Hollister will be your best bet.

  • The Notes: The main notes complement well with Citrus Fruits and Wood. The middle notes include Root Beer while the base notes blend with aromatic and fresh Spices.
  • Ideal For: Jake Blue Hollister is known to give a ummery vibe’ which makes it ideal to be applied during a relaxed summer afternoon or a spring or autumn evening. When you go out with your friends to hangout, carry this attractive oceanic bottle with you.


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#2 Wave

Hollister Wave Men is like a burst of energy with the scent of ruby red grapevine and cypress wood spreading its magic. This perfume is full of life and will enliven any social gathering. This Hollister guy will bask in the warm sunshine of California, beach surfing and enjoying the blazing hot sun. Hollister Wave Men captures the dynamism and confidence of a man with its salty driftwood and musk smell which would add to his magnetic personality. Hollister Wave Men is ideal for romantic dates and long drives which will make your partner fall for your masculinity as well as zestful personality. This can last for 10-12 hours.

  • The Notes: The main notes unify flawlessly with Yuzu, Grapefruit and Bamboo Leaf. The middle notes include Neroli, Lavender and Cypress. The base notes consist of Citrus, Driftwood, Musk, Salt and Tonka Bean.
  • Ideal For: This perfume is an ode to California summer. This can be applied all round the year but spring and summer will bring out the zesty attitude of the Hollister guy.


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#1 Wave 2

If ever there existed a perfect combination of bold masculinity and aquatic freshness, the Hollister Wave 2 will take the award. Imagine the picture of beach surfing and riding the high wave with the warm air touching your face. How exhilarating, isn’t it? This perfume infuses energy for adventure and brings out the bold manliness effortlessly. Hollister Wave 2 is a perfect blend of mandarin introduced into the freshness of lavender water and herbaceous sage. This perfume is also wrapped in the warm California air, musk and woods. It oozes sensuality giving off an earthly and woody fragrance.

  • The Notes: The top notes include California Air Accord, White Peppercorn, and Bergamot. The middle notes blend with Lavender Water, Sage, and Geranium and the base notes include Timber Wood, Sandalwood, and Musk.
  • Ideal For: This perfume can be used all around the year thanks to its woody smell as well as its herbaceous freshness of lavender and sage. People have appreciated its product quality and longevity.

Wave 2

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