Best Hollister Perfumes For Her

Best Hollister Perfumes For Her

The man behind Abercrombie & Fitch, David T. Abercrombie gave birth to Hollister Co. in the year 2000. When it comes to teen and young adult fashion, Hollister has managed to make a prominent mark. In fact, the brand became a household name as soon as it launched fragrances the following year. Since then, Hollister has come up with one great perfume after another. As the target audience happen to the young crowd, most fragrances are reasonably-priced which make them a must-buy.

Top 10: Best Hollister Perfume for Her

But which one should you go for? To make the choice easier, here is the 10 best Hollister perfumes for her:

#10 Cali Vibes by Hollister (2016)

Sunshine, palm trees with a little bit of romance in the air in a form of fragrance is Cali Vibes. The main accord is created with green, spicy, musky, fresh and floral notes. The transparent bottle also has a certain charm to it; all thanks to the silver-colored lid. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, but it lasts a long time and has moderate sillage.

  • The Notes: The dreamy monolithic aroma of the perfume is because of perfect combination of red rose, musk, lilac and lily of the valley.
  • Ideal For: As it helps you to keep smelling fresh for hours, for spring and summer time it is surely the best Hollister perfumes for her. The different combination of the notes makes it perfect for both day and night time. It is definitely ideal for romantic coffee date and other such special occasion.

Cali Vibes

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#9 Skyler by Hollister (2011)

If you are looking for a sensual perfume, then this one by Hollister will be the right fit. The main accord is made up of refreshing and captivation combination of sweet, floral, aquatic and fruity nuances. Skyler comes in a minimalist balloon-shaped crystalline bottle, but it is the gorgeous pink color of the perfume which elevates the bottle’s look. It has moderate longevity yet the sillage is incredibly strong.

  • The Notes: The composition is truly attractive which contains sweet notes of peach and pear. The notes are tied together with the freshness of exotic lotus flower which also acts a prominent background note.
  • Ideal For: The notes make this perfume ideal for women in their mid or late 20s. It is perfect for those long summer months. It works best as a day time perfume.

#8 Wild Chase by Hollister (2015)

It is really hard to tie together bitter and sweet essence; however, Wild Chase is an exception. The fragrance is a perfect marriage of fruity and aromatic notes. The cheerful yet elegant pink elixir comes in an enigmatic bottle with floral motif design. The bottle is surely a treat for the eye. It has enormous sillage and lasts for a really long time.

  • The Notes: Wild Chase is a mixture of refreshing, exciting and vivacious black raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. This simple composition is tied up together very well. Everything is tied together by adding sweet vanilla notes which also gives off a romantic aroma to the fragrance.
  • Ideal For: The versatile aroma makes it perfect for both day and night time. It is essentially ideal for autumn season. The exciting heavy trail of this Hollister perfume is perfect for sweaty summer days as well.

#7 Wave by Hollister (2016)

Considered as one of the best Hollister perfumes for her, Wave has gained its popularity because of its fresh take on the boring “fruity and floral” notes combination. The main accords are made up of tropical, sweet, powdery and fresh essence. The balloon-shaped bottle is transparent and comes with a vivid gold-colored lid. This crystalline bottle holds the pink-colored subtle perfumes. This fragrance by Hollister lasts for a very long time and has heavy sillage.

  • The Notes: The top note is made with black currant, quince and star fruit notes, while the heart has powerful poppy, hibiscus and orchid notes. To provide the signature background notes, amber, sandalwood and solar notes have been used.
  • Ideal For: It is ideal for teens, young and mature women. This perfume can be worn all throughout the year. It works best for day time.


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#6 Hayden by Hollister (2015)

The delicate and elegant Hayden became every fashionistas’ favourite scent as soon as it was made available for the general public. It mainly belongs to the fruity-floral category. However, unlike others available in the market, this one by Hollister has a majestic under-tone to it. This is made possible because of the unique blend of powdery, balsamic, woody and floral nuances. Even the bottle looks like a masterpiece.

  • The Notes: The goal of the brand with Hayden was to come up with a sensual and relaxing essence. In order to do so, they have combined beautifully Turkish rose oil, sandalwood, lotus and pomegranate notes.
  • Ideal For: For women of age 21 and above, Hyden is one of the best Hollister perfumes for her. The notes make it perfect for spring and summer time. It is perfect for hot summer days and nights.


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#5 Jeweled Paradise by Hollister (2015)

It was launched as a limited edition. Jeweled Paradise is said to remind you of sunny beach days. It is said to capture the essence of bohemian style. In a simple yet beautifully designed bottle is the fragrance which happens to be the perfect balance of sweet, powdery, vanilla and floral main accords. Even though it does not last as long as the other mentioned perfumes in this list, the sillage is impressive.

  • The Notes: The notes are a combination of vanilla, jasmine, coconut and sandalwood.
  • Ideal For: It is ideal for all types of occasions. It is best for those women who is looking for a fragrance for cold winter nights.

#4 Addison Sunrise by Hollister (2014)

Elegant and intoxicating smell of this perfume is just one of the reasons why it is considered as one of the best Hollister perfumes for her. The sillage and longevity of it is moderate. The main accord consists of tropical, sweet, fruit and woody notes. However, it is the bottle that takes the cake. The lid has a vibrant coral-colored flower which turns a simple transparent bottle into an Instagram-worthy art piece.

  • The Notes: Just like most Hollister perfume, the composition of this fragrance is monolithic as well. The refreshing aroma of Addison Sunrise is because of the mixture of sandalwood, pineapple and jasmine notes.
  • Ideal For: It is perfect for all types of season. It is ideal for spring and summer days especially. It is also perfect for those who are looking for a feminine and sophisticated essence for romantic dates.

#3 Pure Cali by Hollister (2014)

This fruity and floral essence was made for the younger audience. However, the cheerful yet sophisticated main accords of it made it a very popular option to have in your vanity table. The main accords have aquatic, fresh, tropical, sweet, fruity and woody vibe. The longevity and the sillage of Pure Cali are moderate. The perfume comes in a cute, pastel pink bottle as well.

  • The Notes: The inviting notes that makes up the fragrance are waterlilies, pineapple with cedar background note.
  • Ideal For: This bubbly and refreshing fragrance is perfect for teens and women in their early 20s. It works well throughout the year. It can be worn both during day and night time.

#2 Malaia by Hollister (2014)

Malaia is a crowd-favourite, and it has managed to hold its position because of the intriguing aroma. Besides, the crystalline bottle is also quite unique. The lid has atomizer which is black in color. This provides a very elegant and vintage vibe to the whole fragrance. The main accord is made up of floral, herbal, vanilla and green notes which adds a fresh nuance to the perfume. It will last for a long time and has moderate sillage. Even though, Hollister has come up with a new edition, this original composition is still out-selling most Hollister perfumes.

  • The Notes: The combination of vanilla, basil and lavender notes will definitely keep everyone guessing.
  • Ideal For: It is ideal for women who are in their late 20s. It is perfect for spring, summer and fall season. It works well for all occasions. The composition can create an alluring and mysteries vibe every night you use it.


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#1 Wave 2 by Hollister (2017)

The delicious floral-fruity aroma of this fragrance is so captivating that it considered as one the best Hollister perfumes for her of all time. The main accords are, as mentioned sweet, floral and fruity. The globe-shaped translucent perfume bottle, unlike most perfumes from this fashion house, has a bright orange-reddish tone to it. The longevity and sillage of this perfume are moderate.

  • The Notes: The refreshing essence of this perfume is due to the combination of the top notes which are made up with peach, tangerine and coconut. The heart, on the other hand has subtle floral notes like Tahitian gardenia, freesia, water lilies and roses. All these different notes have been tied together perfectly with definite background notes like orchid, sand and driftwood to provide the carefree beachy vibe to the essence.
  • Ideal For: Wave 2 is ideal for the summer time which is very much evident from the different composition of the notes added. For those sweaty and fun summer days, the perfume works well. It is also perfect for women who likes to bring that little oomph to their wardrobe.

Wave 2

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