Best Givenchy Perfume for Her

Best Givenchy Perfumes for Her

Almost from the time of its inception (1952), the French fashion house Givenchy featured fragrances. Their first perfume is called L’lnterdit or “Forbidden”, and this was made exclusively for the epitome of class and beauty, Audrey Hepburn.
In 1957, the man behind the brand, Hubert de Givenchy decided to mass-produce it for the general public. Since then, Givenchy has come up with more than 200 different fragrances. 

Top 10: Best Givenchy Perfume for Her

So, selecting the best Givenchy perfume for her may, or rather will seem like a colossal task. Thus, to ensure your arsenal features the best, here is the list of the top 10 perfumes for women by Givenchy:

#10 Play (2010)

If you are looking for a spontaneous and youthful fragrance, then you can try Play for Her by Givenchy. The main accord is made with trilling sweet and floral smell that later transcends into powdery, balsamic and woody tones. It is made for contemporary and exuberant women who prefer cheerful scent. Even the pink bottle is a piece of art that resembles a blinged-out gadget. The longevity and sillage of this perfume can be considered as moderate.

  • The Notes: The combination of peach, bergamot, sweet pea, pink peppercorn and orange blossom create the top notes. After which the heart has magnolia, tiare flower, amyris and orchid. Tonka bean, sandalwood, benzoin, musk and patchouli are the background notes.
  • Ideal For: This one is for those women who love vibrant aroma. Because of the unique combination of different notes, the perfume is perfect for both day and night time. You can definitely wear this all year round.


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#9 Organza Indécence (1999)

Seductive yet warm, Organza Indécence is a mixture of woody and oriental notes. It is a combination of citrus, warm spice, sweet and fruity elements; which is very hard to get right. Even though, the brand has come up with new packaging, you can get extra brownie points if you can get your hands on the original bottle for your vanity table. With long lasting aroma and moderate sillage it works well in any temperature.

  • The Notes: It is a combination of different notes like orange, cinnamon, mimosa (yes, you are reading that right) and plum along with patchouli and amber background.
  • Ideal For: Perfect for both day and night time; it is ideal for any occasion. The warm spicy notes make this perfume perfect for colder seasons like fall/autumn and winter

Organza Indecence

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#8 My Givenchy Dream (2008)

With My Givenchy Dream you are getting a unique combination of sweet, fruity, floral, citrus and woody scent. Perfect for a woman of any age, it has long-lasting aroma with soft sillage. The purple-colored cubic bottle is definitely Instagram-worthy.

  • The Notes: Where the heart of the perfume contains lily of valley, rose and jasmine notes; the top notes are black currant, clementine and persimmon. The robustness and roundness of the perfume is due to amber, patchouli and sandalwood elements.
  • Ideal For: It is ideal for spring and summer days. For women in their early 20s, this one is considered as the best Givenchy perfume for her. In fact, because of the clementine notes, it even acts as one of the best pillow sprays as well. The wide range of notes make it perfect for date nights as well.

My Givenchy Dream

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#7 Amarige (1991)

Amariage happens to be the anagram for “Marriage”. Both the scent and the bottle, as per Givenchy, signify a married happy life. Married or not, if you love luxurious and intense aroma, then you cannot go wrong with this one. The main accord can be described as sweet floral notes which slowly gives way to woody nuances. It has heavy sillage and the aroma will last a long time.

  • The Notes: The top notes are a combination of different fruity and floral aromas which includes mandarin orange, plum, peach, neroli, orange blossom and violet. However, jasmine, black currant, ylangylang, carnation, gardenia, rose, carnation, rose and orchid form the heart. It has deep backgrounds notes like sandalwood, amber, cedar, musk, vanilla and tonka bean as well.
  • Ideal For: It is ideal for fall and winter time, and perfect for both day or night outings. Amariage is perfect for mature women who love to fault their confident personalities.


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#6 Dahlia Divin (2014)

Made viral by renowned fashion bloggers; this perfume has a certain elegant vibe to it. Besides the minimalist design of the bottle, the aroma of this perfume is definitely worth the buzz it is creating in the world of fashion. The marriage of floral and oriental nuances along with long-lasting fragrance and moderate sillage will tantalize your sense of smell for sure.

  • The Notes: For women in their late 20s, this one is considered as the best Givenchy perfume for her. The reason behind this is the fact that the perfume unfolds in three different phases. The top note contains pink pepper, Mirabelle plum and citrus notes where as the heart is a combination of jasmine sambac, apple, peach, black currant, lily of the Valley and orange blossom. And finally, it has vanilla, patchouli, white mush, vetiver, sandalwood and cedar as background notes.
  • Ideal For: It is perfect as a perfume that you can wear all year long. It will definitely be your best friend during those long and sweaty summer days and night.

Dahlia Divin

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#5 L’Interdit (1957)

Elegance and L’Interdit goes hand-in-hand. The floral-oriental core of this perfume makes the aroma exquisite. It is the perfect blend of sweet and woody elements. Even though the bottle may seem ordinary; there is nothing ordinary about the combination of notes present in this one. With long lasting aroma and light-weight sillage, it has a lot to offer.

  • The Notes: The top note is a combination of peach with different floral notes of Bulgarian rose, peony, Osmanthus, honeysuckle and violet leaves. The heart of this fragrance contains strawberry, tuberose, peach, orange blossom, plum, rose and heliotrope. The heart slowly gives way to strong background notes of musk, amber, oakmoss, cedar, sandalwood and patchouli.
  • Ideal For: It is ideal for women of any age. The timeless vibe of the perfume is perfect for any season or any time of the day or any occasion. And without a shadowofadoubt, it is ideal for any woman who fell in love with the Legend while watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s!


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#4 Dahlia Noir (2011)

Boldness, elegance and seductive in one is Dahlia Noir. The main accord of this perfume is made by floral, balsamic, powdery and woody elements. It has moderate fragrance lasting capacity and sillage. This perfume is a combination of dark and light notes. The bottle has a nice geometric contemporary feel to it which has been taken to another level thanks to the perfume pale pink color.

  • The Notes: When it comes to the top notes, Givenchy has added pink pepper, bergamot, mimosa and mandarin orange. With patchouli, iris and rose notes, the perfume has an intense heart. The background notes are sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla and oakmoss.
  • Ideal For: For women in their early 30s, this one is of the best Givenchy perfume for her. It is especially ideal for special occasions and winter time.

Dahlia Noir

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#3 Ange Ou Démon (2006)

Everything about Ange Ou Démon seem like it was composed by some maestro. The scent is a mixture of aromatic, sweet, spicy, woody and floral nuances. The fragrance comes in a beautiful yet modern asymmetric bottle with a futuristic vibe. The scent lasts a very long time and has heavy sillage.

  • The Notes: Saffron, white cumin and mandarin are included as the top notes whereas the heart of the fragrance is a mixture of Maxillaria orchid, lily and ylang ylang. To bring it all together, sweet vanilla, oakmoss, Brazillian rosewood and tonka bean elements are added as background aromas.
  • Ideal For: This sensual fragrance is ideal for special occasions and date nights. For women in their mid20s, it is the best Givenchy perfume for her. The different combination of the notes makes it a perfect winter time perfume as well

Ange Ou Demon

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#2 Live Irrésistible (2019)

If you are a fan of floral and fruity perfumes, then this one will be your best bet. The beauty of this fragrance is that it has taken the combination of citrus, tropical and floral notes to a whole new level. The textured and elongated bottle is also quite beautiful. The perfume has long-lasting aroma with heavy sillage.

  • The Notes: The top note consists of rose petals, pineapple, tangerine and grapefruit. The heart, on the other hand, is made with passionfruit, pepper and rose elements with orris, amber, patchouli and musk as background notes.
  • Ideal For: It is ideal for any occasion or outdoor activities. The notes make Live Irrésistible perfect for spring and summer time.

Live Irresistible

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#1 Hot Couture (2000)

No list of best Givenchy perfumer for her can be complete without Hot Couture. This sensual yet bubbly fragrance is the perfect melody of floral, fresh spices, fruity, woody and citrus notes. The bottle has a certain charm to it as well. The aroma is long-lasting and its sillage is moderate.

  • The Notes: The top notes are made up of raspberry and orange tied up with vibrant bergamot. The fresh elements are added by the heart which includes pepper, vetiver and magnolia. To bring more depth, Hot Couture contains sandalwood, amber and musk as background elements.
  • Ideal For: This versatile perfume is perfect for any season, so you can wear it all throughout the year. Even though it is essentially a day perfume, still it won’t fail you during date nights.

Hot Couture

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