Best Escada Perfume For Her

Best Escada Perfumes For Her

While these perfumes have been great as gifts, the question “what is the best perfume for her.” Often lingers in the minds of many gift-givers. The following Escada perfumes will help you find a pleasant fragrance for your style or great gift options for the woman in your life.

Escada Magnetism

This is one of the best perfumes by the fashion powerhouse because of all the ingredients used in making it. It has a sweet scent that originates from the mixture of fruits that have been blended. When you use this spray perfume, you can expect to get a mix of berries as well as other ingredients, which include spices. The spices have been limited, which gives the product a richness of fruit.

There are also other ingredients like caramel and vanilla, which add to the intoxication of the scent. All these make this one a head-turning perfume that will give you attention in crowds. Some of the qualities that make this perfume a favorite include the strength. It is long-lasting without being overpowering and the sensual nature, which adds a hint of delicate aspect to the wearer. Imagine having a bend of vanilla, caramel, berries, and green notes in one scent.


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Escada Rocking Rio

This one mostly consists of citrus and flower flavors, which makes it the best choice for those who like tropical scents. If the woman in your life loves tropical nature, then this will make the perfect gift for her. It is mostly used in summer where there is heat because that’s when its smell blends in well with nature.
This perfume is considered to be upbeat, given the number of fruits that have been used in making it, which include sugarcane, papaya, tangerine, and pineapples, among others. The design of this perfume limits users on the application. You cannot wear it to formal events like an office party or even a business meeting. It is more suited for casual meetings or other parties.
Pineapple, papaya, and sugarcane are very strong, which is why the perfume is seen as flirty. This also makes it inappropriate for older people, especially those who have settled down in relationships or marriages. You can still wear it if you’re older but want to come off as flirty or not too serious.

Rockin Rio

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Escada Taj Sunset

If you love tropical perfumes, but the one above doesn’t suit your taste, then you can try this one. Its mellow nature makes it more acceptable for older women and makes it appropriate for some of the applications restricted in Rockin Rio perfume. Taj Sunset is made mainly with mango with a hint of citrus, which is why it has a softer scent. You can achieve the summer scent with this perfume but still, wear it to business meetings and other formal meetings. It is always fun but less conspicuous; hence older women will love it.

Taj Sunset

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Escada Celebrate N.O.W

This perfume was developed in 2017 and is another floral perfume from the company. It is mainly made using vanilla and cinnamon, which adds to the flavor of the smell. There is also a touch of ginger, which also makes it energetic. Apart from the scent, the packaging of the perfume also makes it attractive. It is available in different sizes to cater for people with different financial means.

Celebrate N.O.W.

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Escada joyful moments

Blackcurrant and mandarin orange are the main ingredients of this perfume. There is also vanilla, damask rose, and honey, which makes it joyful and interesting. If you’re looking for a perfume that uplifts the spirit of those around you, then this is it. It is the perfect gift to celebrate happy days and can be worn on different occasions. It succeeded in joyful moments and is packaged in various sizes that are all pretty.

YSL Libre Eau De Toilette For Women

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Escada Moon Sparkle

This is another youthful perfume, but unlike the other two, it is deemed more appropriate for younger girls. It is sweetly scented but with a touch of tropical fruit smell. The tropical fruits are mainly strawberry, apple, and jasmine with a little bit of freesia. Strawberry is the strongest, but it has been mixed with blackcurrant, which gives it a nice contrasting smell.

Escada Sexy Graffiti

For an alluring Escada option, graffiti is the best choice. This is the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend, but you can give it to your platonic female friends as well. It may not be appropriate for colleagues, but it is fascinating. When applied, the dominating scents are raspberry and strawberry, but as the perfume settles, the primary scents become cashmere, violet, and vanilla. This perfume may no longer be readily available, but you can still find it in major stores.

Sexy Graffiti

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Escada Fiesta Carioca

This is one of the Escada perfumes that was released into the market in 2017, making it one of the best options to try out if you’re looking for something new. It was a limited edition, so finding one now can be challenging. However, this also makes it more valuable, which makes it a unique gift. The top ingredients include raspberry, violet fruit, and passion fruit. Jasmine, passion and orange and available but mild. It is more appropriate for the summer, but its exotic nature makes it suitable for other seasons. It comes in a very colorful package that you can hide in your palm.

Fiesta Carioca

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