Best Burberry Cologne for Him

Best Burberry Colognes for Him

The fact that the fashion house is mostly considered luxurious adds some elegance to the perfume you decide to get for the man you want to appreciate. The company has also been around for a very long time. This adds to the authenticity of its products, including the perfumes. The main question is, therefore, which perfume or cologne you should get. Below is a list of some of the best Burberry cologne for him you can consider.

#10 The Beat

This perfume is made mostly of citron, black pepper, and violet. It has a musky smell that appeals to most of the male population. The strong fragrance of citron is countered by violet to make it a little sweeter while the pepper smell ensures the musty smell isn’t lost completely. All these fragrances together make the perfume elegant, and the packaging also makes it attractive. However, the cost is considered to be higher for most people, especially because you can still find other great fragrances from the same brand at a lower price.

The Beat

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#9 Mr. Burberry

The sensual nature of this Burberry perfume makes it an excellent gift for special occasions that are associated with romance like valentine’s day or your anniversary. Still, it can also be a good birthday gift. If you’re looking for something more enchanting that will attract you to your man, then this is it. Because of this, it may seem appropriate if given to a colleague.

It has been made with different scents and other ingredients, which make it unique but also impeccable. It has a hint of elegance that makes it a modern perfume, especially when added to the packaging. The bottle is one of the most detailed and beautifully crafted designs by the brand. The packaging can be customized by adding engravings to make it a unique gift. The warm and divine scent can be too strong, so apply minimal amounts only

Mr. Burberry

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#8 Weekend

With a citrus scent, this perfume can overtake any other odor within the vicinity. However, it brings around a high level of freshness that is hard to find with other fragrances. The fact that other fruits have also been infused in it makes it more pleasant. Fruits like grapefruits and tangerine make it a little sweet without overpowering the masculine aspect of the scent.

With this perfume, your man will come off as a creative person who has an open mind. The fragrance brings a cheerful calming effect that most people love. For this reason, wearing this perfume to formal occasions may not be appropriate. You may come off as someone who isn’t very serious about business. It is still a good sent to wear during summer or too casual and semi-formal events during other seasons. It can be an excellent gift for those who love nature.


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#7 Brit Rhythm

Consisting mainly of shrubs that originate from a dessert, this perfume gives a dessert smell. Different shrubs, which include juniper and artemisia, give the perfume an interesting blend that is unique from most of the other perfumes from this brand. The captivating scents make it one of the most stylish Burberry perfumes you can buy, but its uniqueness makes it a bit expensive.

Although the scent can come off as energetic and vibrant for some people, others can see it as intense and overwhelming and may not like it. You should, therefore, confirm with the person you’re giving it to before buying

Brit Rhythm

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#6 For Men

Unlike Mr. Burberry EDP, Mr. Burberry EDT is less sensual and is more suitable for warmer weather and universal use. The simplicity of this scent is one of its appealing factors. It doesn’t overwhelm, but it is still elegant, making it perfect for different occasions, including formal ones. It mainly consists of citrus and grapefruits with additional minty herbs and other spices that counteract the bitter fragrances of the initial ingredients by creating the perfect contrasting blend.

You get a perfume that doesn’t attract too much attention but still lets you stand out from the crowd. The fact that it can be worn to different types of functions ensures you get value for your money and makes it the perfect gift to give all the men who play different roles in your life. You can give it to a colleague, a brother, or someone you are intimate with. On the downside, it can only last up to 7 hours

For Men

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#5 London

If you want a perfume that will not overtake the personality of the wearer, then this is it. With the high oil content, you can expect this perfume to last for at least 6 hours. It can also last a whole day, depending on the type of body your man has. The ability to last long doesn’t mean it has a strong scent.

It is mild with a scent that exudes sophistication and a touch of manliness that isn’t intimidating. For this reason, it is mostly worn during formal events like business meetings or when going to work. It shows that you should be taken seriously without making others fear you. You can also wear it for dinner or other formal events, but you have to be careful not to splash too much on you. A little of it can still go a long way in giving you the effects you desire.


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#4 Brit

This Burberry perfume is usually compared to the London Men Eau De Toilette perfume because their scents are almost similar. However, Burberry brit has a sweeter smell, which is a combination of cedarwood and wild roses. The mixture of sweetness and manliness makes it one of the most sophisticated perfumes from this fashion house.

It is also considered to be one of the trendiest perfumes that can be used for any event at any time of day. You can wear this perfume when going on dates, to work or to a meeting. It can also be used during all the seasons and can go for as long as 8 hours and sometimes a whole day. The sweet smell doesn’t make it very masculine, so it is recommended for younger men.


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#3 Rhythm Intense

Although it is one of the least popular Burberry fragrances, it is one of the best perfumes from the brand. It’s leathery, woody scent that is mixed with sweet, spicy fragrance brings out a unique blend that is difficult to resist. Even though it is one of the strongest fragrances from the company, it is only suitable during cooler weather.

It can be overwhelming during the summer because of the heat. If you wear this to the office, apply very little quantity. You can also wear it for dates and other casual events but do so at least three hours before you leave the house. The fragrance is strongest soon after application, but it starts to reduce after 3 hours. it can last for up 8 hours, giving you relief as you go about your daily schedule

Rhythm Intense

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#2 Men’s Classic

This perfume can make the person wearing it stand from the crowd. It mainly consists of cedarwood and honey, which gives it a sweet scent but still makes it bring out your masculinity. It has an energetic vibe that lets you smell fresh the whole day regardless of how active you have been. If you want to give your man a perfume that will remind him of you the entire day, then buy this perfume.

However, it can sometimes last for only 4 hours if the person perspires too much. Its application is mostly recommended during spring and summer. To get the most out of it, apply on your wrists as well as behind your ears. This way, it can last for longer, even up to 8 hours. It’s better to confirm with the man if they like other scents like this one because some men consider it to be too sweetly and therefore don’t like it

Men’s Classic

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#1 Touch

If you want a perfume that is so subtle but is still classy then this is your perfect scent. It has a smell that doesn’t attract unwanted attention but will still draw you in when you closer to your man. Its attractive and subtle nature, together with at least 5% of the oil it is made with, makes it a great perfume to wear during the day when the person is busy running errands or actively working.

The high oil capacity also makes it a great perfume to get your man active during summer when it is hotter because it ensures the perfume stays on the body for longer. The refreshing yet musky smell makes you look more manly, while the subtleness makes it less overwhelming. Applying it on the pulse areas like neck and wrists will make it last longer.


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