Best Armaf Cologne for Him

Best Armaf Colognes for Him

Several perfume houses make beautiful fragrances. Here, we are going to talk about a perfume house from the United Arab Emirates called Armaf. For starters, this company started up a decade ago in March 2010 as a manufacturer of perfume bottles for designer brands. Over time, they ventured into perfume-making business and have created over a hundred beautiful fragrances both for men and women. Here we are going to discuss the best Armaf cologne for him. So, if you are a man looking to smell amazing and sexy continue reading. You may make one or few of the colognes mentioned below as your signature scent.

#10 Armaf Niche Oud

If you are looking for a cologne that can be worn during winters, Niche Oud by Armaf is a great option for you. It has a rich and sweet fragrance that comes with great longevity as it has a strong vanilla note. However, it may be cloyingly sweet for men who are not fond of sweet perfumes. It projects well when the temperature is low. It is also quite affordable at the price it comes for. The notes are as follows:

  • Top Note: The top note is made up of bergamot, sage, caraway, and some spices that smells sexy in the opening.
  • Middle Note: The middle note is comprised of Iris, cedar, and black pepper to balance your mood.
  • Base Note: The base note has an amazing combination of vanilla, patchouli, leather, and amber that stays for a long time.

#9 Armaf Ventana

If you love classic fragrances you should try Ventana by Armaf. It is a woody fragrance with citrus and floral notes. You can wear this scent during the summer season, especially during evening time. If you are going out on a date with your beloved one, you cannot go wrong with this cologne. Many people find it similar to Dior Sauvage, so it serves as a cheaper alternative to the latter. The notes are as follows:

  • Top Note: The top note is achieved by grapefruit, mandarin orange, bergamot, red berries, and lemon. The strong presence of citruses makes it very refreshing during sunny days.
  • Middle Note: Geranium, vetiver, patchouli, and lavender make up the middle note.
  • Base Note: Finally, the base note is a mix of ambergris, labdanum, and cedar which smells masculine and sexy.


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#8 Armaf Shades Wood

If you are looking for a scent that can be worn during the fall season, you must consider Shades Wood. It is a perfect blend of flower, spices, and woods that can be. Given its price tag, you will be amazed at the quality of scent and the performance too. The notes of this cologne are as follows:

  • Top Note: Citrus, geranium, and rose make up the top note. The initial blast of citrus followed by the floral scent of rose and geranium will uplift your mood.
  • Middle Note: The middle note is a mix of spices like pepper, cumin, and clove.
  • Base Note: The base note is woody with the presence of agarwood (oud), sandalwood, and cedarwood.

Shades Wood

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#7 Armaf Niche Sapphire

Are you looking for any elegant cologne? You should try Niche Sapphire by Armaf that is made up of a mix of different ingredients. It is a unisex perfume but you can wear it with elan if you are confident. It performs well when you are in a crowd of people. You can stand out among the crowd with this scent.

  • Top Note: This scent opens up with a citrus profile of grapefruit followed by the spiciness of ginger and pink pepper. Finally, there is a dash of mint that balances the top note.
  • Middle Note: The middle or heart note is made up of violet leaves, and woody notes along with nuances of aquatic notes.
  • Base Note: At the base, you would find ambergris, amber, cedarwood and guaiac wood.

Niche Sapphire

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#6 Armaf Derby Club House Blanche

If you are looking for a scent that you can wear during your mediation sessions, try Derby Club House Blanche. Most people find this fragrance to have a calming and soothing effect. If you have ever tried Creed’s Silver Mountain Water then you would find this cologne to be pretty similar. If you cannot afford to buy Silver Mountain Water, you must buy this affordable alternative right away. It can be worn during evening outings especially during the spring season. The notes are as follows:

  • Top Note: The top note is made up of bergamot and orange along with some aquatic notes.
  • Middle Note: The prominent middle note is green tea, which gives the calming effect, and black currant.
  • Base Note: The base note is derived from sandalwood, musk, and an aromatic resin called galbanum.

Derby Club House Blanche

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#5 Armaf Craze

If you are crazy about oriental perfumes and want to try an affordable alternative to Parfums de Marly’s Pegasus then you should try Craze by Armaf. If you see the top, middle and base notes of both the perfumes you would know how exactly similar they are. If you cannot afford to buy Pegasus, you would be happy to buy Craze and enjoy its authentic scent. The notes of Craze are the following:

  • Top Note: In the top, you get bergamot, cumin seeds, and heliotrope.
  • Middle Note: The middle notes are derived by sage, jasmine, lavender, and bitter almond.
  • Base Note: At the base of the scent you will get sandalwood, amber and a dash of vanilla.


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#4 Armaf Tag Him

If you are a young guy bursting with a lot of energy, you must try Armaf Tag Him. This fresh, spicy and woody fragrance will radiate like your youthful persona. You can wear this cologne during the summer season and you would enjoy its feel. The notes of this scent are:

  • Top Note: A burst of citruses with the presence of bergamot, grapefruit and lemon; and pink berries.
  • Middle Note: The middle part is spicy due to the presence of nutmeg and ginger. Mint is added to give a cool feel.
  • Base Note: A woody effect is achieved by cedarwood and sandalwood. Vetiver and patchouli are also added to balance out the whole scent.

Tag Him

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#3 Armaf Italiano Nero Uomo

Italiano Nero Uomo by Armaf is the perfect cologne for men who love Fougere fragrances. If you are going on a date with your dream girl, this scent will surely create a favourable impression on her. It is also ideal to be worn for family functions or evening walks. The notes are as follows:

  • Top Note: Bergamot and lemon make up the top note.
  • Middle Note: In the middle note we find cypress along with some lavender.
  • Base Note: Patchouli is present in the base along with some amber to make it a perfect scent.

Italiano Nero Uomo

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#2 Armaf Tres Nuit

If you like the smell of freshly cut grass then Tres Nuit by Armaf would be your best choice. This green scent smells very fresh as you are walking in a grass field. It is a great scent to wear during summer when days are warm. The notes are discussed below:

  • Top Note: Iris, verbena, and lemon make up the top note of this perfume.
  • Middle Note: In the middle are violet and lavender with some spices.
  • Base Note: The base is sandalwood and ambergris.

Tres Nuit

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#1 Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man

The most popular and highest selling scent by the house of Armaf is Club De Nuit Intense Man (CDNIM). It is the best Armaf cologne for him. It is also the hands-down winner of the best offering by Armaf. This masculine scent is sexy and suave and leaves a sexy trail behind. Imagine walking down the road and people turning their heads to look out for the perfect-smelling man passing by. You can never go wrong with wearing CDNIM to any occasion. The reason why this scent is so popular is its versatility. If you cannot make up your mind which perfume to wear to a particular occasion, just spray CDNIM and get moving. The notes are the following:

  • Top Note: The top note is citrusy lemon and fruitiness of apple and black currant.
  • Middle Note: In the middle, you would be impressed by the presence of birch and jasmine.
  • Base Note: At the base, patchouli, vanilla, musk and ambergris will welcome you.

Tres Nuit

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Armaf has created some of the best colognes in the market. Although it is not as big as several perfume houses, the scents they offer at affordable prices have made them very popular among several perfume lovers. You can expect to find Armaf colognes in different countries. You should lookout for a store selling the best Armaf cologne for him at a store near you. If you cannot find it in your country, you may buy it from an online store. Get buying and have a great collection of some sexy masculine scents.

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