Amouage Journey Man Review

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Amouage Journey Man Review
One of the most expected perfumes for men is Journey Man by Amouage. This masculine fragrance has been well received by men since its establishment in2014. The two reputed perfumers namely Pierre Negrin and Alberto Morillas have given a lot of contribution towards the development of this man perfume.

The smell of Journey Man lasts for the day and hence became a favorite product for men. The aroma of the perfume is not ordinary and it has a compelling feature attracting men.

The Notes

Oman Perfumery has marketed the product throughout the world. The; combination of spice and heat in Journey Man perfume is absolutely rocking the customers. The scent has many ingredients and hence attracting men a lot with a compelling fact. The main success of this perfume is due to the women’s love for men who use the scent. This perfume opens with Sichuan Pepper with the touch of citrus. The common notes of Journey Men are Bergamot, Incense, pure Gerniol, Leather, Ambrox, Tonka Beans, and tobacco leaves


The Amouage journey man reviews are astounding to go through from the customers. The reviews are heart whelming due to the quality features of the perfume. The product has been ruling the men community for long years and the popularity is growing upwards. The perfumes for women are more in this world when compared to men, but this Journey Man stands atop in the list of best perfumes for both men and women. Many customers consider the perfume unique and the beginning of a new era.

Rugged masculinity can be felt if the man uses the perfume. This Journey Man perfume does not disappoint most of the men’s expectations. The major problem found in other perfumes is that the duration of smell does not last for a day, but this perfume gives men a longer duration for the whole day. The main advantages of the perfume are men can use the scent in humid and hot conditions. The smell of tobacco can be felt on the skin by the men.

The retro appeal of the perfume gives the customer a realistic look and high life after using it for many days. The lasting memory of men among women is special of using this perfume. Symbolically, the Journey Man gives the maximum excitement and thrilling experience in daily life. During a journey, this product gives a warmth feeling and comfortably experienced on the whole

The gold and red visual appearance of the perfume is the major highlight of the product. It gives immense look to the purchaser and the glorious fragrance of the product lures the customer a lot.

The price

The cost of affordable perfume makes men purchase without a second thought. Many leading online retailers are selling the product. The online orders are accepted and the scent is delivered to the doorsteps of the customer free of cost. Most of the online reviews about the Journey Man fragrance product have given the five-star ratings. The customers are mostly happy and the demand for the product is rising among customers.


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