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212 VIP Men Perfume Review - underline your beauty

212 VIP Men Perfume Review

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212 VIP Men Perfume Review
212 VIP men cologne is one of the best men perfume and was introduced in the market in the year 2011 by Carolina Herrera. The main reason for considering a fragrance, especially for men, is to maintain a fresh body smell throughout the day.
Carolina Herrera
212 VIP

Therefore, if looking for a perfume with a pleasant scent, 212 VIP is the best option to keep the unpleasant body odor at bay. Some of the reasons why 212 VIP is the best perfume for you include:


212 VIP perfume is retained in a metal material which is strong and durable. The bottles are carved into different shapes, and thus clients can choose the best option that suits their lifestyle. The material also gives a superior brightness look that makes it look more fashionable and trendy. The new metallic material brings more luxury to the user and has a professional beauty product look. Additionally, the perfume bottle is light to carry along, ensuring that you maintain a pleasant body scent every minute of the day. The bottle is fitted with a magnetic cap to ease and make the experience even better.


212 VIP men perfume best suits individuals who aim to get a strong scent enough to make them prominent. The perfume has a strong, lovely smell and will surprise many by its modernity and youthfulness feeling. The perfume is available in different scent to ensure every client’s taste and preference is observed. 212 VIP men perfume gives any individual who uses it an immediate fresh feeling after application and lasts long.

212 VIP men perfume has a lovely fragrance overall, which is tropical with sweet biscuits undertone. It is a signature for many young men who aim for tons of compliments for their unique scent. Besides, it gives the user confidence to be in his world where everyone recognizes and salutes his overpowering perfume.

Perfume longevity

212 VIP requires a light spray because when too much, it can become a monster but still do its job. The perfume is excellent because it is a loud and confident type of scent. Some couples spray it to allure attraction or for people to notice them. The fragrance has longevity of more than eight hours, making it one of the best options for a fresh scent. 212 VIP men perfume performs best in cold weather, and thus it is a great scent to wear at this time of the year. Also, the fragrance is mostly built for night outs because it is a lady attracting cologne.

Overall 212 VIP men perfume impression

The cologne is best across the board with a fruit-like scent. It smells gentle with a strong and long lasting scent. It is very amazing for nightlife, especially if you want to attract more attention and feel the power of unique content. Therefore, if you are passionate with a strong personality and confidence to express yourself, 212 VIP men perfume is the perfect match that is worth trying. Overall, the perfume is a unique and compelling product that gives each person who uses it the value for their money. It is made to satisfy the user and provide much-needed relaxation without difficulties.

Carolina Herrera
212 VIP

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